About Pampered Mutt

This is a “just for fun” site dedicated to my super spoiled pit mix mutt rescue, Dresden. He is named after Harry Blackstone Copperfield Dresden of a Jim Butcher series aptly titled, The Dresden Files. Dresden was rescued in 2015 from City Dogs Cleveland, a division of Animal Care and Control (CACC) here in Cleveland, Ohio. It’s a wonderful, if not sad place, filled with hard working underpaid people doing their best to make a difference with what resources they have. If you adopt, adopt from there or better yet donate — time, money, whatever you can. This place and these people are the BEST!!!


What Grass Seeds?

Dresden is quite a character and being a pit mix (I hate the word “pit”) or what Dresden REALLY is – an American Staffordshire Terrier mix -I have the pleasure of having a  dog with an INSATIABLE chewing “problem.” Dresden doesn’t think he has a chewing problem. He just loves to chew! I’ve been pretty lucky thus far and have only lost a few shoes and nothing of any real sentimental value. While I wanted to make a site that reviewed the toys I buy him (and how long they survive) – I also wanted to review pet subscription boxes, treats, and other odds and ends. I have never wanted children and dogs have always been a substitute for that, but Dresden really is a personality worthy of his own site.

Anyhow, if you wander into my site I hope you at least find some of the reviews useful, if not entertaining.


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