These boots are made for walking….

Of all the many names that we have adopted for Dresden my favorite one has been “booty paws.” We call him this because all four of his legs are white almost up to his knees. And oh man, did that dog love to run. After being diagnosed with two torn back ACLs on January 2016 Dresden wasn’t much for running, on bad days he couldn’t even walk. We moved our whole lives downstair...[Read More]



Redbarn Filled Bones

Long Lasting!



BarkBox – April 2016



LootPets – March 2016

Bullymake No More

I was very excited when I found Bullymake.  Finally, a dog subscription box designed for “aggressive chewers.” My February Review of their product was pretty good and Dresden still has all the toys from that month’s box. In April I noticed that my box for March still hadn’t arrived and I contact the company. Two days later they responded with an apology and two days after that I received a shippin...[Read More]



Paw Butter, by HoneyVixens


If We Could Be Heroes…..

Dresden’s custom stifle brace for his torn ACL from GoHero has so far not been the solution we were hoping for.  In fact, after 3 days of usage, Dresden does nothing but cry when it’s on.  His feet were also rolling under him when he walked on, or applied any pressure to the brace.  I contacted GoHero and sent them pictures of what was going on.  Thankfully, they got back to me and tol...[Read More]



BarkBox – March 2016



Loot Pets – February 2016

Sedation Elation

Dresden went under sedation yesterday to be cast for a custom brace for his torn ACLs in both back legs. As always Lakewood Animal Clinic was amazing and I still cannot say enough wonderful things about Pamela Soda Gray, DVM. (She even took pictures while in the procedure room of the casting process so I could put them on here for everyone to see) Dresden did great and I was truly elated to hear h...[Read More]



Bullymake – February 2016

Meet and Greet at Lakewood Animal Hospital

A few days ago we got to meet Dr. Pamela Soda Gray, DVM at Lakewood Animal Hospital.  She was positively awesome!  I mean, just, WOW!  Dresden loved her (though I have never seen this dog dislike anyone), I loved her and she was the first doctor I have met who hasn’t treated me like I am an insane person for trying a custom brace over doing thousands of dollars worth of surgery.  Seriously, ...[Read More]

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