The Hivemaster

Back in 1994 TSR released The Complete Druid’s Handbook supplement guide. The guide offered new character “kits” for players and introduced my favorite, albeit most underrated kit, The Hivemaster. Hivemasters appear somewhat enigmatic. Many attempt to instill insectoid virtues in their followers, such as patience, hard work, and close cooperation. Some higher-level Hivemasters even attempt t...[Read More]



BarkBox – February 2016

No Such thing as Coincidence

After a few referrals for Dresden, almost all the doctors have said he needs TPLO surgery on both back legs.  Cost for surgery, depending on area, has been estimated at $7,000 – $10,000.  Some of these costs include his physical therapy, others do not.  Even though we have a great dog insurance plan with PetPlan the upfront cost are just not within reach at this time.  However, we’re still w...[Read More]



Petite Four Treats – February 2016


Robot Legs

Dresden has been recently diagnosed with a torn ACL on his left back leg.  From the X-Rays it appears that the weight he has been putting on his right back leg to compensate for his lack of motion (and pain) in his left has exacerbated, and begun to tear, his right back leg as well .  It has been recommended by our vet that he get a TPLO (Tibial Plateau Leveling Osteotomy) surgery on both back leg...[Read More]

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