BarkBox – April 2016

Review Date: 4/22/2016


April’s BarkBox theme is baseball – Take Me Out to the Ball Game! The theme is fitting for the season as baseball has arrived this month (of which I had absolutely NO CLUE. My sister had to explain why this theme made sense).  My box was missing the theme breakdown paper that normally comes with it (no biggie), so I had to scour the internet for item listing.

This box contained:
1. The Pooeyville Slugger (Extra Toy Club) – $12
2. Buns of Anarchy – $18.00
3. Yogi Barka Mitt – $16.00
4. Thinkers Duck (Meat Stick) – $3.00
5. Sliders (Biscuits) – $10.00
6. Triple Cheese Baseball Treats – $8.00

Total Cost of this month’s BarkBox = $67.00

  • Price: $29/month, $72/3 months, $126/6 months, and $228/12 months
  • Items per Box: 4-6
  • Additional Toy – $9 /per month
  • Flat Rate Shipping Fee – $5.00 /per box

The value of this month’s box was well worth a single one shot subscription (with or without the “pupgrade”). Also, there are so many coupons available online; you’ll never pay the full cost of a subscription.  Retail Me Not has always been my go to place for pet subscription box discounts, but you can always email Barkbox customer service.  They have one of the best out there!

So let’s get down to the review…

The Pooeyville Slugger:

This plush cool toy had two squeakers inside and looked like a baseball bat.  It stood very little chance against Dresden and lasted 15 minutes before he destroyed it.

Buns of Anarchy:

I can’t recall ever attending a baseball game where I had a delicious burger, but hey! That’s probably just me.  This toy was pretty neat and was velcro’ed in layers.  Once Dresden destroyed the top bun, removed all the stuffing, and de-layered the burger he wasn’t that interested in the toy anymore.

20160419_181755Yogi Barka Mitt:

Per the Barkbox website, “it’s stuffed and stitched with reinforced seams strong enough to stop a heavy heater or scoop a bad slider. Designed with love, this squeaky sueded leather catcher’s glove is our tribute to everyone’s favorite yakkin’ Yankee.”  Well, those are some fancy words for a toy that lasted a little under 20 minutes.  But all that matters is that Dresden has a magnificent time destroying things… and he did.
20160419_170409Thinkers Duck (Meat Stick):

This delicious meat snack was greasy and smelled really gross.  Dresden devoured it in less than 2 minutes!
Sliders (Biscuits) and Triple Cheese Baseball Treats:














When I opened the bags for each of these I was certain that the the soft cheese smelling baseball treats were going to be the winner – hands down.









Dresden licked it 10 or so times while I tried to give it to him.  He tentatively took it from my hand…. and then rolled on it.  He also felt the cheeseburger remains needed to accompany him in this…
20160419_181200Eventually he broke it down into little pieces and ate it, but it was clearly not a win with him.  Well, maybe it was, If winning entails rolling around with your toys and snacks.

The hard little crunchy slider biscuits were a huge win…


I Need That!











Dresden ate the crunchy treat in one bite then sniffed around for more!

This was a nice box with a theme matching the season.  Not as nerdy as the Sherlock Bones box from March, but then again BarkBox isn’t a nerdy/geeky pet subscription box, it’s a themed subscription box.  If you want nerdy all the time I would recommend the LootPets box by Loot Crates.   However, I really do love BarkBox.  I would recommend them for pet owners looking for something fun, that has great value, and loves surprises!

Oh! I forgot to add that this box also had a BarkBox Catcher Position Card.







Dresden ate it….


  • Fun Seasonal Theme
  • Well Thought Out Toys
  • Grain Free USA made Treats


  • Not for "Aggressive" Chewers


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