BarkBox – March 2016

Review Date: 3/24/2016
BarkBox - March 2016

20160322_165635March’s Barkbox theme was based upon the “Who Dunnit” detective collection aptly named, Sherlock Bones.

It came with lots of goodies:
1. The Telephone Booth – $14
2. The Sherlock Hat (Extra Toy Club – “pupgrade”) – $14
3. Sherlock Bones – $13
4. Sherlock Bones Smoking Gun (Meat Sticks) – $??
5. Plato Treats EOS Grain Free Turkey and Sweet Potato Dog Snack – $13.45
6. Superior Farms Lamb Lungs – $8.99

Total Value of box = $63.44 (does not include a guess-timate cost of the meat sticks)

  • Price: $29/month, $72/3 months, $126/6 months, and $228/12 months
  • Items per Box: 4-6
  • Additional Toy – $9 /per month
  • Flat Rate Shipping Fee – $5.00 /per box

The value of this month’s box was well worth a single one shot subscription (with or without the “pupgrade”). So let’s get down to the review.

I was pretty excited about the Telephone Booth. Rarely does Barkbox issue a toy that is labeled as being tough and “puncture resistant.”
20160323_182834 20160322_170141

Unfortunately this proved no match for Dresden as he essentially skinned it alive and left it for dead after 40 minutes.
(You can’t see it in this pic – but there is a huge hole in what was once the Phone Booth)



Dresden loved the Sherlock Hat – he loves wrinkly paper and this hat had that lovely wrinkly sound. He played with it all day and all night. Finally he skinned the hat section off leaving a spiky orange half-ball. He didn’t love it as much after that, but it’s still his new favorite toy.


There was no doubt that Dresden was also going to love the Sherlock Bones toy. It was soft, plush, and made a weird sound when you shook it up and down…20160322_172035

— it lasted 25 minutes.

I figured all the treats would be a huge success, since Dresden is never allowed to have any being on a diet to lose 9 lbs. He also loves all animal respiratory parts, which includes trachea, but apparently not lungs. He was no fan of the Superior Farms Lamb Lungs.

He nudged the treat around the bed and floor until eventually, he begrudgingly ate it.
I'll eat it, but I won't like it...

I’ll eat it, but I won’t like it…

Does this mean he wouldn’t like Haggis? It’s almost like I don’t even know who my dog is anymore!!!



Of course he was going to love the Sherlock Bones Smoking Gun meat sticks and he even enjoyed the Plato Treats EOS Grain Free Turkey and Sweet Potato dog treats, though they clearly did not compare to the meaty goodness of those sticks.

Here’s what I wasn’t thrilled about. Two of the toys came from ThinkPet Innovations and those two toys (Phone Booth and Sherlock Hat) were made in China. As a consumer, I never buy anything made in China for my pets, but BarkBox has a very good reputation and I’m trusting them with my dog’s safety and well-being. However, I would like to point this out for people who are even more concerned about this than myself. It’s really something to consider before investing in their subscription as February also had toys made in China. Which, at the time, I had thought was theme based, but I was mistaken.

All in all, this was a great box and well worth the cost of a single subscription.


  • Cute Theme
  • Great Value
  • USA Made Treats


  • Toys Made in China
  • "Tough" Toy still didn't last long


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