BarkBox – February 2016

20160227_115532Review Date: 2/27/2017

I have experience with BarkBox from a few years ago, prior to the passing of my first dog, Tagg.  I have always liked them, and a lot has changed since its inception in 2011. Their boxes are now themed, which is something you find in the more common Loot Crates. February’s theme is celebrating the new year with a Chinese Horoscope – Year of the Dog.








You can also upgrade your boxes by entering into the Extra Toy Club.
Extra Toy






Which I did for Dresden as the life expectancy for any toys he loves is under 40 minutes.
This held very true for the first toy he instantly fixated upon… Moving Monkeys



These are what the monkeys looked like 35 minutes in the past…..




…..this is what they looked like after….NoMoreMonkey

I guess there will be no more monkeys jumping on the bed…
Monkeying Around





There were two other toys in this month’s  BarkBox.
Benny’s Famous Noodles (which was his “bonus” toy from being in the Extra Toy Club)



Walter the Dragon





Both toys are from China, which I wasn’t thrilled with, but since the theme is based off the Chinese horoscope I’ll let this little indiscretion slide (as a rule, I never buy any treats or toys from China due to toxic compound scares and mass of recalls).  Both Walter and the super cute Chinese “noodles” are, at this time, alive and well.  At the time of this writing Dresden is still diligently gutting the monkey remains.

Three (3) treats were included in the BarkBox:
– Chomp Sticks
– Zuke’s Lunar Biscuits
– Butcher Block Bone

All treats are USA made.
Unfortunately, for Dresden he is overweight and per our vet, needs to lose 9 lbs. So, at this time, no treats for our poor Hobgoblin.



However, the Butcher Block Bone says it is a natural source of Glucosamine and Chondroitin, both of which Dresden really needs since pulling both of his back leg ACLs. So I will give him this.



The label warning made me laugh – Do Not Use On Carpets….
Oh boy, this bone must get SUPER gross.

I loved this box and so did Dresden. I would recommend a subscription to anyone willing to treat their dog to a monthly surprise. I opted in for a 6 month subscription with the PupGrade (extra toy). My total cost for a 6 month subscription with the additional toy is $180 (subject to renewal on September). I found a coupon online (there are tons of them for BarkBox) saving me $25 for the 6 month subscription.

  • Price: $29/month, $72/3 months, $126/6 months, $228/12 months
  • Items per Box: 4-6
  • Additional Toy – $9 /per month
  • Flate Rate Shipping Fee – $5.00 /per box

Toy Update (2/29/2016): Walter the Dragon lost his head, stuffing and squeaker in under 22 minutes. Benny’s Famous Noodles are a bit unraveled but still remain intact and functional.


  • Fun Theme
  • Plan Options include Allergy Specifications
  • Toys Enhance the Fun of the Theme
  • Simple Treat Ingredients


  • Toys Made in China (though it does fit theme)
  • No Toys Made for "Aggressive Chewers"


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