These boots are made for walking….

Of all the many names that we have adopted for Dresden my favorite one has been “booty paws.” We call him this because all four of his legs are white almost up to his knees. And oh man, did that dog love to run. After being diagnosed with two torn back ACLs on January 2016 Dresden wasn’t much for running, on bad days he couldn’t even walk. We moved our whole lives downstairs. Put a queen size blow up bed in the living room and that is where we slept with Dresden. We found a great doctor at Lakewood Animal Hospital, Dr. Soda Gray, who gave us our first glimmer of hope while saving $7,000 for surgery. We got Dresden a custom stifle brace from GO Hero. It was cutting edge, new, and practically unheard of, but Dr. Gray was willing and able to do the brace and send off the casting.

For months Dresden wore this brace on his worst leg, the left leg. Allowing him more mobility than he ever had. Then one day, without his brace, he decided to go up the stairs. From there the rest is history. We took Dresden on his first walk to the park, his first walk in over 6 months since his diagnosis. We’re hopeful. We’re still saving and plan on getting a new set of X-Rays, but for Dresden things are getting better.

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  1. I’m so happy he is mobile!!!!


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