If We Could Be Heroes…..

Brace FaceDresden’s custom stifle brace for his torn ACL from GoHero has so far not been the solution we were hoping for.  In fact, after 3 days of usage, Dresden does nothing but cry when it’s on.  His feet were also rolling under him when he walked on, or applied any pressure to the brace.  I contacted GoHero and sent them pictures of what was going on.  Thankfully, they got back to me and told me this is a fairly common fitting issue known as “knuckling.”  All I needed to do was send the brace back for a few adjustments.  I have to say that I am very pleased with this company and even though I am disappointed, I’m still very hopeful that this brace will buy us the time we need to save and pay for his ACL surgery.

Here’s to hoping that these new set of adjustments do the trick for our hobgoblin.


  1. How is he tolerating the new brace?

    • It’s hit and miss. On his really bad days, we use it. On his good days, we don’t. It clearly bothers him, but it’s obvious that it helps.. Especially on the days where he just can’t walk.


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