Loot Pets – February 2016

Review Date: 3/12/2016

Loot Pet - Feb 2016

Loot Crate has been around for awhile and they offer subscription boxes that cater to the nerd and geek in all of us. Recently they launched a pet crate version of their already popular geek themed boxes,called what else? Loot Pets.

February’s theme focus is on Playing Dead! Undead loot that’s deadly cute – which means there is a strong zombie and Deadpool theme. Perfect launch for the new Deadpool movie (which was awesome BTW, I might add).



This crate was loaded with goodies:
Loot Pet Feb - Goodies1. A cool little magazine which includes tips on how to train your dog to play dead and an article titled Dogs of the Afterlife.  These folks are serious about their themes!
2. Exclusive Deadpool T-Shirt (Fifth Sun)
3. Nightmare of the living chimichangas treats (Loving Pets)
4. Zombie Collar Charm (Loot Pet Labs)
5. Zom-Bone Survival Treats (Loving Pets)
6. Walker Head Chew Toy (The Coop)

It’s hard to find pricing on the items in the Loot Pet substitution boxes as most everything is exclusively made for them.  Sometimes you’ll get a hit on eBay, but it’s not a legit price comparison.  I think that’s another thing that makes these crates so special and unique.  I can’t tell you how mad I was that I missed the Weyland Yutani collar from a Pet Crate a few months ago.  I’m pretty obsessed with the Alien franchise.

I’ve mentioned before that Dresden is 9 lbs. overweight which is why he is on a pretty strict diet.
It’s pretty obvious by the donning of the large Deadpool shirt that we still have a LONG way to go…



….we had to cut it off of him….



The Walker Head Chew Toy lasted exactly 33 minutes…







The Zom-Bone Survival Treats were very cute and had some cool packaging:




Dresden savored every second of his delicious and normally un-allowed contraband.

Mmmmmm.... Soooo Good!

Mmmmmm…. Soooo Good!






Night of the Living Chimichangas Treats were also very cute and well packaged:






They, of course, were also a huge hit –







The Zombie Collar Charm was really nice, but honestly, even with Dresden’s other 3 collars, there’s no room for it.

I know Loot Pets is pretty well known to have cool themed collars in their boxes.  We’ll just save the charm for one of those.





The verdict?
I love love Loot Pets, but this probably isn’t the best subscription box for a pet that is overweight or an aggressive chewer.  Still the themes are fun and the company puts a lot of care into their boxes.


  • Exclusive One of a Kind Items
  • Cool Fun Themes
  • Tailored for Geeks and Nerds


  • Generic Allergy Options (Only Yes or No)
  • Not for Overweight Pets
  • Not for "Aggressive" Chewers


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