LootPets – March 2016

Review Date: 4/9/2016

March’s LootPets, by LootCrate box was a Versus Themed box.











Items included:

  • EXCLUSIVE Spock Mirror Universe T-Shirt – $10.00 (Guesstimate)
  • EXCLUSIVE AvP Collar Charm – $6.00 (Guesstimate)
  • Batman v Superman Plush – $12.00
  • Captain America: Civil War Collapsible Bowl Set (3) – $8.00 (Guesstimate)
  • Turduck’nstein Menacing Meat Treats – $7.29
  • Ruff ‘Em Ups! Fruity Protein Puffs for Pups – $6.49
    …and as always a cool little magazine to tell you more about the theme and box.

This was a very difficult box to find actual product pricing for and a lot of the guesstimates I made were collated from eBay.  The total of this box is roughly $49.78.
That makes it a pretty good deal, even if you choose to go on the month to month plan.





Batman v Superman Plush:
This toy stood absolutely no chance against Dresden.  He was able to completely destroy and disembowel Batman in less than 20 minutes.










Captain America: Civil War Collapsible Bowl Set:
This is a nifty idea.  If you take your dog for long walks, go biking, or do just about anything outdoors with your beloved pooch these little light weight bowls won’t disappoint.  They have a carbine hook so you can basically attach them to anything.  I have high hopes that Dresden will be able to go play outside and take long walks again, so I put these away for now.


Spock Mirror Universe T-Shirt:
Last month’s LootPet box had a sweet Deadpool shirt  that Dresden could not fit in – it was a large.  This month I didn’t want him to miss out!  I contacted LootCrate and told them that Dresden needed his size changed to an X-Large and they were happy to accommodate. I was certain that an X-Large would be his ticket to nerdom attire. I was right.  I thought he looked so cute!

The next two items on the list are the snacks…

Turduck’nstein Menacing Meat Treats:
These could have been called anything…  Dresden loves meat snacks!  He’s not allowed to have treats because he’s overweight and really needs to lose it to help with his torn ACLs.  So these were going to be a winner regardless. I couldn’t even get a picture of him eating one as he was voracious in his devouring.

Ruff ‘Em Ups! Fruity Protein Puffs for Pups:
Okay, so these just looked gross to me, they were puffy like Styrofoam peanuts and didn’t really even have a smell. However, it’s not about how I feel about these treats, it’s whether or not Dresden liked them and he didn’t. He spit one out 2 or 3 times before he finally ate it.








AvP Collar Charm:

For those of you that know me even a little, you know I am a SUPER Alien nerd. I love the movies (minus the last two), I’ve read all the books, comics, and I even have April 26th marked on my calendar as Alien Day (LV-426, AKA Acheron. AKA where Hadley’s Hope was in Aliens). Dresden already has a zillion tags on his collar, but in this case sacrifices have to be made.



The Verdict?
This was a nice box with a fun theme.  However, minus the Alien charm, nothing really called out to me as being overly awesome.  But that is nothing more than personal preference. Dresden enjoyed murdering his batman toy and loved the Turduck’nstein treats.  I think the Collapsible Bowl Set made me a little resentful and sad.  I can’t argue the value of this box and it’s always fun to watch my dog destroy things… unless those “things” are shoes and pillows.


  • Cool Exclusive Items


  • Toys are just NOT made for tough chewers


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