Meet and Greet at Lakewood Animal Hospital

A few days ago we got to meet Dr. Pamela Soda Gray, DVM at Lakewood Animal Hospital.  She was positively awesome!  I mean, just, WOW!  Dresden loved her (though I have never seen this dog dislike anyone), I loved her and she was the first doctor I have met who hasn’t treated me like I am an insane person for trying a custom brace over doing thousands of dollars worth of surgery.  Seriously, for anyone out there who has been given the devastating news of a torn ACL in your dog’s leg I am sure you know how those vets’ talk – as if this is your only option in the entire world and if you do not do it right this second you’re a terrible person.  It’s a pretty crappy feeling and no one should make you feel like you’re not doing enough for the pet that you love – SHAME ON YOU for not having $7,000 – $10,000 laying around….

Anyhow, Dresden goes under sedation next Wednesday (March 9th 2016) at 6:20 PM. Both back legs are being cast, but at this time we’re only paying for his left back leg.  If he does well, and takes to the brace, we’ll pay to have the second custom brace made.  It takes about two weeks for the brace to be made and then a few days or so for shipping. After that we’ll learn how to fit the brace and see if he adapts to it.  I’m trying not to get my hopes up too high as this tech is so new and Dresden is so young, audacious and chews everything!

Updates will follow regardless of outcome and progress.

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