No Such thing as Coincidence

After a few referrals for Dresden, almost all the doctors have said he needs TPLO surgery on both back legs.  Cost for surgery, depending on area, has been estimated at $7,000 – $10,000.  Some of these costs include his physical therapy, others do not.  Even though we have a great dog insurance plan with PetPlan the upfront cost are just not within reach at this time.  However, we’re still working diligently on conservative treatment and we’ve decided to go ahead with a custom Stifle Brace by GoHero. Dresden’s current vet from West Park Animal Hospital, Dr. Scott wasn’t keen on doing the casting for the brace as he hasn’t seen one that works on ACLs. Though he was opened minded and was willing to offer this service as an alternative to surgery depending on how Dresden took to the brace and X-Rays later to review the legs. Dr. Scott was also more than willing to allow me to transfer Dresden’s records to a fabulous doctor at Lakewood Animal Hospital, Dr. Konecny who has in fact done this brace before.  However, since our hobgoblin is a hyper tyrant, he would need to be put under sedation which means another fellow would have to do Dresden’s cast.  Interesting enough, those doctors were all currently out of town in Columbus attending a channel conference and convention, and guess who was in attendance? Go Hero.  The only reason I even knew this was from a phone conversation with Dr. Ben Blecha, founder of Go Hero. He wanted to make sure I ordered my casting kit so that he could send it before attending the channel conference in Columbus – he didn’t want me to be stuck waiting a week for his return. When I told Dr. Konency over the phone that Go Hero was at the conference she seemed pretty excited stating that she would let her colleagues know so they could meet them and learn firsthand about their custom brace and casting procedure.

Long story short, Dresden is scheduled to go under and get his casting next week at Lakewood Animal Hospital.

Cost Breakdown:
$275.00 – For casting procedure (this includes office visit and exam, sedation, half day stay)
$834.00 – Casting mold stuff, and custom brace w/ shipping cost included (once brace is ready in 2 weeks)

I know that sounds like a lot of money for something that may not work at all, but I’m willing to try. I mean, look at this face…
Sitting Pretty




I’ll continue to document Dresden’s adventure with videos and blog updates as the days go by.

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