Petite Four Treats – February 2016


Review Date: 2/8/2016

Today I want to review my single order box from Petite Four Treats.  A gourmet treat subscription box for dogs (and cats).
Petite Fours
The first thing I’d like to point out is how cute this box is.  I love that Dresden’s name is stamped on it along with a “thank you.”

Also included is an ingredients card with a cost breakdown of the items:
20160208_161631_resized (3)
Cost: $26.00
Shipping: $6.00
Sales Tax: $2.48
Total Cost: $32.48

Simple math shows that I definitely paid more than what this box cost.
However, I’d like to note that I ordered a single box just to see what they had to offer.
A single purchase vs a subscription (depending on which you choose) can make a big $$ difference.

Starbarks Frenchie Roast Plush Toy:
This is the toy that Dresden wanted the most out of everything in this box
It lasted 37 minutes…

Carob and Yogurt Frosted Donuts:
These donuts smelled and looked soooo good.  I seriously considered eating one.
Dresden liked them, but he wasn’t as enamored as I was

Max and Ruffy’s 24 Carob Gold:
These are basically tiny training treats that were a HUGE hit with Dresden. I will probably substitute them over his bacon flavored ones I got from Amazon. He definitely liked these more than those donuts.

Overall, I really did like the Petite Four Treats box.  However,  it was not as huge of a hit with Dresden as it was with me. With the cost of a single box these make a better unique gift idea than something I would be interested in subscribing to.


  • Box felt personalized
  • Quality organic products
  • USA Made


  • Pricey (without subscription)


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