Redbarn Filled Bones

Long Lasting!

Review Date: 5/1/2016

When I first rescued Dresden (or him me) from City Dogs Cleveland last June it didn’t take me very long to learn that he was a voracious chewer.  Normal toys didn’t cut it and most things lasted less than 40 minutes.  While shopping for more toys at my local Petco I decided to try a peanut butter filled bone from Redbarn.  Even with Dresden’s insatiable chewing, he couldn’t destroy this bone.  After a few weeks he managed to eat some of the bone, but wasn’t interested once he removed most all the peanut butter with his crazy long anteater tongue. When I went back to Petco I was sad to see I couldn’t find them anymore.  What I had learned from Red Barn’s website was that peanut butter wasn’t all they carried, in fact, they had: cheese n’ bacon, lamb, yogurt, sweet potato, and peanut butter and jelly filled cow hooves, bagels, knuckle bones, antlers… I mean, the list goes on and on.  Unfortunately, on the website, you have to order in bulk and I’m not paying $200 for a case of knuckle bones!  Enter Amazon. Amazon doesn’t carry the cheese n’ bacon filled cow hooves, which is what I really wanted to buy for Dresden, but they do carry the cheese n’ bacon filled bones.  Large (6″) for $10 and a small (3″) for $8.50.  The prices are much cheaper than what I paid at Petco and if you’re a Prime Member, shipping is free.

Dresden’s bone came today (I opted for the 6″) and as you can see — he’s been fixated on it for the last 4 hours…















These bones are the best.  They never splinter and will supply your dog with delicious entertainment for hours!
All made in the USA with posted ingredients anyone can read and understand:


  • USA Made
  • Long Lasting
  • Designed for "Aggressive Chewers"


  • Messy


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