Sedation Elation

Dresden went under sedation yesterday to be cast for a custom brace for his torn ACLs in both back legs.
As always Lakewood Animal Clinic was amazing and I still cannot say enough wonderful things about Pamela Soda Gray, DVM.
(She even took pictures while in the procedure room of the casting process so I could put them on here for everyone to see)

Right Leg Being Cast

Right Leg Being Cast

Left Leg Being Cast

Left Leg Being Cast

Dresden did great and I was truly elated to hear he did well.  The first thing he did while coming out of anesthesia was wag his tail.
She she said the whole room was filled with “awwwwwww’s”
He is such a lady magnet.

When we got him home he was pretty out of it and drugged up….
Drugged Up

….but he settled in to sleep with his Daddy downstairs.
Sleepy Time w/ Daddy

This AM I packed up the castings to be shipped back to ACE ORTHO to get Dresden’s Stifle Knee Brace made.







I’ve been told that it takes a few weeks for the brace to be made and shipped back to the vet.
So now, we’re back to waiting.

That’s all for now!


  1. I’m so glad that he did so good! This new vet sounds wonderful!!

    • I’m switching my vet hospital. I love this place.


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